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SAP HANA Information Composer

  • 1.  SAP HANA Information Composer

    Posted 09-18-2017 06:14 AM

    SAP HANA Information composer is a Web-Based Environment which allows business users to upload data to the SAP HANA database and to manipulate that data by creating information values.

    The main features of information Composer are as follows

    Data acquisition

    You can upload the data, preview, and cleanse this data, and create a physical table in  the SAP HANA database.

    Data Manipulation

    You can select two objects in the SAP HR database, combined them, add calculated fields, and create an information view that can be consumed by SAP Bo tools.

    Business/ Intelligence

    (Business Objects) – It is a reporting tool of generate reports from views provided by HANA Information Composer studio.

    We can generate reports from views in two ways

    Direct Accessing views for crystal reports, Advanced Analysis, Explorer, Webi4.0, SAP Real time Xclaries

    WE can create UDT or IDT (Universe Design tool, Information Design tool) first and then create reports. 

    Soujanya Naganuri
    Frisco TX