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  • 1.  Issue with control center graphs

    Posted 08-01-2016 01:31 PM

    I am running Zenoss Core 5.1.5 and Control Center 1.1.7. My initial installation was 5.1.1/1.1.1, I upgraded to 5.1.4/1.1.6, then to 5.1.5/1.1.7. I am running a single machine.

    After about an hour of running, I no longer get performance data in Control Center. I'm not seeing any graphs.In the logs I am seeing this message when the graphs stop showing any data.

    serviced[2642]: E0801 19:20:20.237395 02642 status.go:116] Unable to look up instance memory stats(received error requesting performance data: Too many attempts: HBaseRpc(method=getClosestRowBefore, table="-ROOT-", key=".META.,tsdb,\x00\x00\x04W\x9D\x80,:,:", region=RegionInfo(table="-ROOT-", region_name="-ROOT-,,0", stop_key=""), attempt=11, timeout=-1, hasTimedout=false))

    Any ideas on what could be the issue

  • 2.  Going to bump this. I'm still

    Posted 01-24-2017 02:31 PM

    Going to bump this. I'm still having this issue after an hour or so. My logs are then spammed with the message in my previous post and:

    Jan 24 16:29:45 <hostname removed> serviced[8225]: time="2017-01-24T21:29:45Z" level=warning msg="Could not look up memory metrics for instances on service" error="received error requesting performance data: 10000 RPCs waiting on \"-ROOT-,,0\" to come back online" location="instance.go:382" logger=facade serviceids=8j9apqmcv6gow03b158epy1lw

  • 3.  I would say the issue is

    Posted 02-15-2017 09:38 AM

    I would say the issue is related to an IP change. I had originally built my server in the lab with a lab IP. When I moved the server into production, I changed the IP. When I deleted my host from control center I got an error that listed my lab IP.

    I wasn't able to find the IP and eventually did a backup/restore to a new server and I'm not longer getting this error.