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Zenmodeler - Doesnt appear to be re-modelling changes on devices as per default settings

  • 1.  Zenmodeler - Doesnt appear to be re-modelling changes on devices as per default settings

    Posted 02-21-2017 08:36 AM


    Im having issues with Zenmodeller, if I manually click model device after changes have been made to a server then it works no problem. However if I do not manually do this then Zenmodeller isnt picking up system changes on servers at all and this was also the same after I went into Advanced --> Control Centre --> Zenmodeller --> Restart.

    I thought restarting the service would then force Zenoss to remodel and check for changes to the .300+ servers we have but it doesnt appear to.

    I cannot realistically press model device for each system to obtain the latest changes.

    For example - 11 days ago we added 6 SSDs to our servers and Zenoss hasnt picked these up at all untill I clicked model device.

    The config for zenmodeler is left a default values so should be checking every 12 hours.

    I also have a secondary issue where Zenoss is reporting used space in - (minus) values ( disk space threshold: 301.6% used (-767.4MB free) ) which is impossible as I checked the server manually and its not using anywhere near 100% let alone 30%.

    Any ideas for why Zenoss is behaving this way for both points

  • 2.  Bump

    Posted 02-22-2017 06:05 AM


  • 3.  You can try checking the

    Posted 02-23-2017 07:41 AM

    You can try checking the "Modeler Plugins" on your device(s) and make sure you have everything selected that you want modeled.

    I have the same issue on my Zenoss server everytime I bring up Zenoss as well. For me, Zenoss hasn't pulled the data and lists it as and "Unknown" size. I've just dealt with it and either remodel or let them go away on their own.

  • 4.  What device class?

    Posted 03-06-2017 08:43 AM

    What device class

    Check zenmodeler.log to look for useful errors and information.