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1.  Server

Posted 9 days ago
Services memory limits keeps bumping up and server stops responds after a while lets say a week. Please do have your in sights on this. Thank you very much.

Kishore Thota
Systems Analyst
Hi-Link Technology Group
Stamford CT

2.  RE: Server

Posted 9 days ago
I too have had these issues, and still do. Initially, after installation using the VMware OVA a number of services required their RAM Commitment to be bumped up.
That seemed to stabilise. Now after a few days I always get Zope memory running out of control. A manual restart helps, but then it blows the RAM commitment again and Zenoss halts.
See below for Zope after a restart - you can see I have a Commitment of 768MB but after approximately 2 weeks running it maxxed out at 4.2GB!!

This looks like a memory leak problem to me.
Would be great if the community could advise what is going on here?