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Creating Custom Threshold Types

  • 1.  Creating Custom Threshold Types

    Posted 09-10-2020 05:11 AM
    We quite often have requirements to set thresholds for metrics in a way Zenoss doesn't support.

    The most common is for a threshold when a metric changes by a certain amount. There is the ValueChange Threshold, but that will trigger on any change. I would like more control and specify an absolute difference (changes by 10, say) or even by percentage (10% change in value).

    I think the best way to achieve this - and any other custom requirements - is to create a custom Threshold type. However, there is no documentation or even examples I can find that show how to do this in a ZenPack. For a ValueChangedByDeltaThreshold, all I would need to do is sub-class/extend the ValueChangeThreshold type and add some extra processing. My efforts here have failed.

    A working example would be nice that isn't from an ancient ZenPack.

    Help is greatly appreciated and also happy to hear any other solutions that don't require a ZenPack.