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  • 1.  ZenPacks.CS.NetApp.CMode

    Posted 01-22-2020 08:55 AM
    Edited by Hrvoje T 01-23-2020 03:09 AM

    NetApp C-Mode ZenPack

    The ZenPack provides monitoring for NetApp data storage devices running ONTAP C-Mode. Data is collected through encrypted HTTPS requests to ONTAP REST API. You will need at least NetApp ONTAP 9.6 release installed. The ONTAP version 9.6 is the first release that provides API with highest maturity level. ZenPack is developed and tested against ONTAP 9.6P2. Here is the REST API documentation.

    This is the git repo: https://github.com/htolic/ZenPacks.CS.NetApp.CMode


    Version 1.0.3 - Download

    Table of contents


    Device: NetApp CMode

    • Creates Device Class /Storage/NetApp/CMode
    • Adds Modeler Plugin CS.NetApp.CMode.Device
      • Models information about device (Cluster ONTAP Version)
    • Adds Modeler Plugin CS.NetApp.CMode.License
      • Models information about applied licences (name, scope, state, owner, serial_number, active, evaluation, compliance)
    • Adds Modeler Plugin CS.NetApp.CMode.ClusterNode
      • Models information about cluster nodes (name, serial_number, location, model, version, membership)
      • Models information about spare disks (name, disk_uid, serialnr, model, vendor, firmware, usable_size, rpm, type, spare_class, pool, bay)
    • Adds Modeler Plugin CS.NetApp.CMode.Storage
      • Models information about aggregates (name, state, raid_size, disk_count, total_bytes)
      • Models information about plexes (name, online, state, pool, resync)
      • Models information about volumes (name, uuid, state, style, tiering_policy, type, is_flexclone, nas_path, nas_security_style, snapshot_policy, svm, size, space available, space used, over_provisioned, snapshot_reserve)
      • Models information about RAID groups (name, cache_tier, degraded, recomputing_parity_active, reconstruct_active)
      • Models information about disks (name, position, state, type, usable_size)
    • Configuration Properties set on class /Storage/NetApp/CMode
      • zDeviceTemplates - value: []
      • zCollectorPlugins - value: [CS.NetApp.CMode.Device, CS.NetApp.CMode.License, CS.NetApp.CMode.ClusterNode, CS.NetApp.CMode.Storage]
      • zPythonClass - value: ZenPacks.CS.NetApp.CMode.NetAppDevice
      • zSnmpMonitorIgnore - value: true
    • New Configuration Properties

    Component: Aggregates

    • Monitoring Template
      • Python datasource_plugin: ZenPacks.CS.NetApp.CMode.dsplugins.Aggregates
      • Data Points collected and Graph Definitions:
        • Graph "Space Usage" - aggregate_used

    Component: Cluster Nodes

    • Monitoring Template
      • Python datasource_plugin: ZenPacks.CS.NetApp.CMode.dsplugins.ClusterNodes
      • Data Points collected and Graph Definitions:
        • Graph "Node Uptime" - clusternode_uptime

    Component: Disks

    • No Monitoring Template available

    Component: Licenses

    • No Monitoring Template available

    Component: Plexes

    • No Monitoring Template available

    Component: RAID Groups

    • No Monitoring Template available

    Component: Spare Disks

    • No Monitoring Template available

    Component: Volumes

    • Monitoring Template
      • Python datasource_plugin: ZenPacks.CS.NetApp.CMode.dsplugins.Volumes
      • Data Points collected and Graph Definitions:
        • Graph "Latency" - latency_read, latency_write, latency_other, latency_total
        • Graph "IOPS" - iops_read, iops_write, iops_other, iops_total
        • Graph "Throughput" - throughput_read, throughput_write, throughput_other, throughput_total


    First make sure you are using supported Zenoss version and have ZenPack dependencies on right version installed. Then proceed to download and install this ZenPack using a standard procedure for your version of Zenoss.

    This ZenPack monitors NetApp storage devices running at least NetApp ONTAP 9.6 CMode. It is tested against NetApp ONTAP Release 9.6P2 CMode. NetApp 7-Mode is not supported with this ZenPack and it will not work.

    After installation the device class /Storage/NetApp/CMode is created. Go ahead and modify Configuration Properties for this device class. Look for properties that have name starting with zNetApp.

    • zNetAppAPI: This should be URL where NetApp REST API is. Usually it https://<hostname or ip address>/api where is your NetApp Conroller address. Leave this empty if IP address you enter when adding device is the same as IP address of NetApp Controller management interface. If empty ZenPack will try with https://{device.manageIp}/api
    • zNetAppUser: If you have user prepared especially for Zenoss monitoring then use that user. The user must have privilege to make queries to ZAPI.
    • zNetAppPassword: Enter a password related to user that you use in zNetAppUser property.

    Go ahead, add your devices to /Storage/NetApp/CMode and wait for modelling to finish. If everything goes well, you should see components showing up on device details page. In a couple of minutes the graph data should start populating too.


    Version 1.0.3

    • Initial release

    Hrvoje T
    CS Computer Systems

  • 2.  RE: ZenPacks.CS.NetApp.CMode

    Posted 01-23-2020 03:01 AM
    Thank you so much for developing this and, especially, for sharing it.  Zenoss Inc don't seem to care about community or community ZenPacks these days :(
    I gave up using their ZenPack submission process over 2 years agao and, like you, develop on github and post here.

    Thanks again,

    Jane Curry
    Skills 1st United Kingdom

  • 3.  RE: ZenPacks.CS.NetApp.CMode

    Posted 01-23-2020 03:08 AM
    Thank you Jane. I'd still be happy to submit the ZenPack the regular way but I haven't found the submission form. Looks like it's gone.
    I hope the ZenPack works out of the box but since I tested it on 3 different systems, that might not be enough to cover all the possible configurations. The feedback and pull requests from the community are always welcome.

    Hrvoje T
    CS Computer Systems