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Getting "lost X datamaps" messages in Zenpython

  • 1.  Getting "lost X datamaps" messages in Zenpython

    Posted 03-19-2020 06:12 PM
    We are running Zenoss 6.2.1 Community. We are seeing "lost X datamaps" message in zenpython for a small number of devices. They are all running a custom ZenPack. Our Zenoss server doesn't have any memory or CPU issues. Here is a sample message:

    2020-03-19 18:04:54,563 ERROR zen.python: Connection was closed by remote, please check zenhub health. HOSTNAME.local 300 04aaa13d-08e9-4fac-a849-d677d7b6d3aa lost 5 datamaps

    We have the latest PythonCollector (1.11.0) ZenPack installed.

    Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this?

    Thanks in advance,