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  • 1.  heartbeat failure

    Posted 07-20-2020 02:39 AM

    Can someone help me with understanding what causes heartbeat failure so that I can troubleshoot better.

    I orignally had "localhost zenstaus heartbeat failure" consistently as well as 3 oversubscribed instances (zeneventd, MetricConsumer, and Zope) of which I

    1. Add the zenoss5 endpoint to my zenoss server's /etc/hosts
    2. Increased the Ram requested of the oversubscribed instances from 256M to 512M

    That fixed the oversubscribed issue (for now anyway) but the heartbeat failure count was still going up.

    Next I restarted Zenoss core (all instances) and that messages looke dlike they stopped however 7-8 hours after the restart and now I have a new heartbeat failure message relating to zenperfsnmp.

    Any pointers in the right direction from anyone would be helpful thanks.