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  • 1.  issue with core install

    Posted 02-13-2018 09:05 AM
    ​Hello all,
    I am new to ZENOSS and have deployed a OVA for Zenoss Core 6.1.0-1.
    into a VMware 6.5 environment.

    I am following the ZENOSS Core Installation Guide Release 6.1.0.

    All appeared to be working as described until I reached page 19 "Deploying Zenoss Core"
    until I reach step 4

    4 Deploy the application.
    Replace Template-ID with the identifier Zenoss Core template

    Replace Pool with the name of the resource pool to which the master host belongs (single-host system) or
    to which the delegate hosts belong (multi-host system)

    Replace Deployment-ID with a name for this deployment (for example, Test or Production)
    serviced template deploy Template-ID Pool Deployment-ID

    Control Center tags Zenoss Core images in the local registry.

    After I ran the command:
    serviced template deploy 7d76123456799c0e1c1234567891234 default prod

    Then I get the following error

    No such entity {kind:servicetemplatewrapper, id:7d76123456799c0e1c1234567891234}

    I have reloaded the OVA from scratch 3 times, reran the installation/configuration and get the same issue everytime I am at a loss as to what I am what I am doing wrong.

    Please Help.

    Michael Breen
    Sys Admin