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  • 1.  /exports/serviced_volumes_v2/295 at 80.3%

    Posted 6 days ago
    Hey guys,

    I got an alert on my zenoss server, but i really don´t know what to do with this,
    should I delete data from the specific volumes, should I try to add more space to it ?

    I'm clueless, I don't even know what's in there, here's 2 screenshots:

    Any help will be will be much appreciated,


    Marcos Espinoza

  • 2.  RE: /exports/serviced_volumes_v2/295 at 80.3%

    Posted 2 days ago

    `/opt/serviced/var/volumes` is where your Zenoss installation keeps all permanently stored data, including devices, events, and performance metrics.

    The Control Center documentation pages include a section on how to inspect storage.  Nested below that are some specifics on how to extend the data and metadata areas of the logical volume.

    If you'd prefer to clean things up, the instructions will change based on what's consuming the data.  This should help you make that determination:

    SERVICED_ID=$(serviced service status | grep Zenoss.core | awk '{print $2}')
    du -d 1 $STORAGE_PATH | sort -n​

    If you're running Zenoss Core / Zenoss Community Edition, that should return something like the following:

    # du -d 1 $STORAGE_PATH | sort -n
    4       /opt/serviced/var/volumes/8nujtw0oyi6hkmra5kfacyhxj/solr-logs-0
    4       /opt/serviced/var/volumes/8nujtw0oyi6hkmra5kfacyhxj/.ssh
    4       /opt/serviced/var/volumes/8nujtw0oyi6hkmra5kfacyhxj/zenjobs
    4       /opt/serviced/var/volumes/8nujtw0oyi6hkmra5kfacyhxj/zenoss-custom-patches
    4       /opt/serviced/var/volumes/8nujtw0oyi6hkmra5kfacyhxj/zenoss-custom-patches-pc
    4       /opt/serviced/var/volumes/8nujtw0oyi6hkmra5kfacyhxj/zenoss-export
    8       /opt/serviced/var/volumes/8nujtw0oyi6hkmra5kfacyhxj/redis
    12      /opt/serviced/var/volumes/8nujtw0oyi6hkmra5kfacyhxj/localhost
    12      /opt/serviced/var/volumes/8nujtw0oyi6hkmra5kfacyhxj/var-zenpacks
    16      /opt/serviced/var/volumes/8nujtw0oyi6hkmra5kfacyhxj/lost+found
    156     /opt/serviced/var/volumes/8nujtw0oyi6hkmra5kfacyhxj/zenoss-var-ext
    444     /opt/serviced/var/volumes/8nujtw0oyi6hkmra5kfacyhxj/zeneventserver
    1256    /opt/serviced/var/volumes/8nujtw0oyi6hkmra5kfacyhxj/hbase-zookeeper-1
    5548    /opt/serviced/var/volumes/8nujtw0oyi6hkmra5kfacyhxj/rabbitmq
    17220   /opt/serviced/var/volumes/8nujtw0oyi6hkmra5kfacyhxj/zenpack-backup
    69120   /opt/serviced/var/volumes/8nujtw0oyi6hkmra5kfacyhxj/solr-0
    560660  /opt/serviced/var/volumes/8nujtw0oyi6hkmra5kfacyhxj/mariadb
    762912  /opt/serviced/var/volumes/8nujtw0oyi6hkmra5kfacyhxj/hbase-master
    1417392 /opt/serviced/var/volumes/8nujtw0oyi6hkmra5kfacyhxj​

    Let us know what you find?

    Michael J. Rogers
    Senior Instructor - Zenoss
    Austin TX