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docker image cleanup before upgrade

  • 1.  docker image cleanup before upgrade

    Posted 9 days ago
    Edited by Shane Quinsey 9 days ago

    Hi there. We're about to go and upgrade to RMv6.2 but I wanted to clean up our server beforehand.
    Have reviewed How To Remove Unwanted Docker Images however how to you know/confirm the older resmgr_5.x are not being referenced and ok to remove?

    A quick check shows we have alot of older images for resmgr:

    #docker images | grep resmgr | wc -l

    #docker images | grep resmgr | grep latest​
    resmgr_6.1 latest 371c6daa15ab 5 days ago 3.06GB
    resmgr_5.2 latest 06db1ec147de 18 months ago 1.68GB
    resmgr_5.1 latest 129f598f183c 2 years ago 2.18GB

    [root@lpptzencc01 ~]# serviced volume status
    Status for volume /opt/serviced/var/volumes:

    Driver: devicemapper
    Driver Type: direct-lvm
    Volume Path: /opt/serviced/var/volumes

    Thin Pool
    Logical Volume: serviced-serviced--pool
    Metadata (total/used/avail): 208 MiB / 17.91 MiB (8.6%) / 190.1 MiB (91%)
    Data (total/used/avail): 194.8 GiB / 33.94 GiB (17%) / 160.9 GiB (83%)

    6tbl4izbt1r84rkia29qtdui Application Data
    Volume Mount Point: /opt/serviced/var/volumes/6tbl4izbt1r84rkia29qtdui
    Filesystem (total/used/avail): 99.99 GiB / 31.91 GiB (32%) / 68.08 GiB (68%)
    Virtual device size: 100 GiB

    [root@lpptzencc01 ~]# serviced snapshot list -t
    no snapshots found
    [root@lpptzencc01 ~]

    Thanks in advance.

    Shane, Australia