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1.  Upgrade to 6.1

Posted 16 days ago
Hi All,

Just tried to install a new Zenoss  server using the hyper-v setup. We have an existing 5.2.3 server and want to start afresh.

Installed using the latest iso, but this is 5.3, on trying to upgrade to 6.1 I hit a snag when running "docker run -it --rm -v /root:/mnt/root zenoss/core_6.0:6.1.0_1 rsync -a /root/6.0.x /mnt/root" as per the upgrade guide.

Unable to find image 'zenoss/core_6.0:6.1.0_1' locally
docker: Error response from daemon: repository zenoss/core_6.0 not found: does not exist or no pull access.

Anyone know where I went wrong, or what the fix for this is?


Caoibhin Nealon

2.  RE: Upgrade to 6.1

Posted 14 days ago
Edited by Arthur 14 days ago
Hi Caoibhin

List your docker images

[root@~]# docker images |grep -i ^zenoss
zenoss/core_6.1 6.1.0_1 8be200583f8d 8 weeks ago 1.52GB

If it shows zenoss/core_6.1 6.1.0_1 the command is:

# docker run -it --rm -v /root:/mnt/root zenoss/core_6.1:6.1.0_1 rsync -a /root/6.1.x /mnt/root