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1.  zenpacks

Posted 8 days ago
Hi All,

I just want to add zenpacks for Juniper (Zen 4.2.5 version)
Can you please send me that relevant zenpack or link to download?
Appreciate your support in here.


pasan jayarathna
sri lanka telecom

2.  RE: zenpacks

Posted 8 days ago
You really need to a bit more proactive in this forum, Pasan.  Might I suggest you check the standard documentation, this forum and the wiki site first.  There are links to documentation -   and the ZenPack Catalog  -  from the right hand menus of the Home page of this forum.

Follow the ZenPack Catalog link to find various Juniper ZenPacks.  There is also one I wrote which is at .  Follow the link to Download version 2.2.  I don't know why this ZenPack does not appear in the new ZenPack Catalog so many thanks for bringing up this issue - I will chase Zenoss about it.


Jane Curry
Skills 1st United Kingdom