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  • Michael, Yes, it works. I changed my scripts. Thanks, Daniel ------------------------------ Daniel Vogel IT Infrastructure Architect ABC Systems AG Schlieren ------------------------------

  • Daniel, You can't really "fix" it as there's nothing to fix. As of 6.3, the zenhub worker processes have been moved out of the zenhub container and into their own zenhubworker containers.  Instead of controlling the number of zenhub workers via the ...

  • Hi With Zenoss core 6.3.2-1, something has changed. Sample with create event: [zenoss@scout-zen01 z]$ serviced service attach zenhub /opt/zenoss/bin/zensendevent -d scoutzen01 -s Info -c /Scout/ZenossAlive "Zenoss Alive" Name ServiceID DepID/Path zenhub ...

  • Thanks Laurent! I will give that a shot. ------------------------------ Larry ------------------------------

  • Hello Larry, You could launch a reset command through the API. This is exactly what the Web UI is doing.  Here is the definition of this command in the DeviceRouter: resetIp ( self ,   uids ,   hashcheck ,   uid = None ,   ranges = ...

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