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  • Depends on what version you want to install.  For 4.2.5, start here -    .  You can pull my updated installation script from GitHub at     ...

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    RE: zenoss-installer script

    You can just use the appliance for the easiest setup. ------------------------------ jstanley ------------------------------

  • We are receiving an API 500 error when issuing "serviced template deploy 6bf690e3d27454d9ffc141b84da3c3e6 "Resource Manager" Dev  API error (500): {"message":"error parsing HTTP 403 response body: invalid character '<' looking for beginning of value: ...

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    zenoss-installer script

    where is the zenoss-installer script? how do i get that? ------------------------------ Devon Solomon CompanyName ------------------------------

  • ZenPackLib documentation for creating a ZenPack. You could contain ssh keys in your zenpacks and then point the zProp to that directory/key. Or you could add a mount to the containers and keep your keys in there. See ...

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