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  • Also, to build off Michael's post, if you are familiar with the Zenoss RM/CZ JSON REST API, you can use that to query all the model times of your devices. There is an example script that can be found in the zenoss-RM-api repo. A nice little side benefit ...

  • If you captured your modeler output, you can grep for any non-INFO and non-DEBUG lines to find errors with the process.  If you see the lines "No change in configuration detected," or "Changes in configuration applied," the model should have been successful.   ...

  • Hi, Is there any command/script to find out devices that are not modelled? Thanks & Regards, Amal ------------------------------ AMAL JOSE MELBOURNE VIC ------------------------------

  • Thanks Michael. ------------------------------ AMAL JOSE MELBOURNE VIC ------------------------------

  • Update. I forgot to mention, if you do opt for Method B, you may want to run your loop in a screen or tmux session.  Depending on the total number of devices to model, it might take a while to complete.  If your SSH connection breaks while the loop ...

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