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  • We're all-in on this new documentation strategy. You're definitely right about not removing pages -- it takes forever for search engines to reindex changes like that and the pain caused between those updates is definitely something we want to avoid. I've ...

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  • Hey Adam (and all).  The new site is nice, I sure hope it can be permanent. So often nowadays that just when you think you find an answer its a broken link :( .   One of the first things I learned about websites is that you do not delete pages, you ...

  • Awesome, thanks a ton for this Jay. I'll be working on the developer docs more and more over the coming few weeks and this is definitely good stuff. ------------------------------ Adam McCurdy Manager, Customer Enablement Zenoss -------------------- ...

  • It is a learning process. I look at my previous ZenPacks and wonder what I was thinking. And even now, each one I create or update I find better or easier ways of doing things.. ------------------------------ jstanley ------------------------------

  • Excellent points @Jay ! ​I wonder if our custom ZPs are violating any of your tips (and how badly). ------------------------------ Larry IPC Global GA ------------------------------

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