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    Backing up Analytics

    We are running a large Analytics instance, containing over 6 TB of performance data. I'm looking for an automated way to manage hot and cold backups of the DB. So far, the two suggestions I received from Zenoss were a VMware cold snapshot every week or ...

  • No - there is no way.  Zenoss is very limited when it comes to customization of its graphs and reports.  I would suggest looking at another product like Nagios. ------------------------------ Bill Negrelli NASA OH ------------------------------

  • Is it possible to create a graph from a IOD that returns 3 values? This is what we get from the OID: SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x = STRING: "0-0-0" The "0"s represent different values. Is there a way to extract them separately so we can ...

  • Jane, thank you for taking the time to help on this, we ended up building this into a service and can monitor that. ------------------------------ Mike Barone ------------------------------

  • Hi, It seems to be working now after just restarting, and not testing the setup. The only thing left now is that it comes an error message now and then from *all* servers; Unable to process COMMAND datasource(s) for device XYZ -- skipping It is connected ...

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