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  • Got it, thank you very much! ------------------------------ Andy Hu ------------------------------

  • Can Isuggest you look at the ZenPack Developers' Guide that you can get from here -    - there is a detailed section on developing modelers and the different elements like collect and process. Modeling is typically ...

  • Hi Jane, Two more question about zenoss. 1. Model Device is timing task or just one excute. Because I didn't find where to set the interval time. 2. Component graph, does zenoss core support it? or zenoss service dynamics. Thanks very much! ------------------------------ ...

  • If I use requests to collect data in collect function. then will met 'always Counter eventCount' problem. ------------------------------ Andy Hu ------------------------------

  • yes.  but I also want use collect and process function do seperate things. do you know what's the problem? ------------------------------ Andy Hu ------------------------------

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