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    Control Center 1.8.0

    I retract my question. After much review, it appears the manual install methods were attracting too much attention, so a kind-hearted soul made images. Thank you! Can't seem to find the latest control center listed in this document: Will 1.6.3 listed ...

  • Hi Lic Thanks to let us know. Regards, ------------------------------ Arthur ------------------------------

  • Thanks for the help. We decided to create a new server using the OVF file. ------------------------------ License Administrator Ithaca CSD ------------------------------

  • Hi Lic That's fair enough. If I understand it right you are  still using a self signed cert and your brwoser will probably complain it. The only advantage you have is that cert does not show as expired and the communication is secured based on your cert/key ...

  • I updated the certificate because it had expired. ------------------------------ License Administrator Ithaca CSD ------------------------------

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