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  • I still have it. Zenoss Core 6.3.2 and CC 1.6.3 ------------------------------ Arthur ------------------------------

  • Hi Support, I am trying to implement network utilization per interface basis.  Something like for filesystem as mentioned on zenoss wiki. Zenoss discovers virtual interface along with  physical but speed ...

  • Hello, Any idea if this problem should be fixed in 6.3? ------------------------------ Jad ------------------------------

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    RE: OID moniotring

    If you are running Zenoss 6.x, you can go: - Advanced ->  MIBS - Click the '+' button in the bottom left to add a new, blank MIB - Select the newly created MIB, then click the '+' button next to OID Mappings - Give the OID a name, and paste the OID ...

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    OID moniotring

    Dear All, I just want to monitor particular OID (, is there any way to add this OID and monitor it? Kindly advice me in this regards? Thanks, Pasan ------------------------------ pasan jayarathna sri lanka telecom ...

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