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    RE: zenoss-installer script

    Not official from Zenoss but ..... ------------------------------ Arthur ------------------------------

  • What if I don't want to use the appliance where is the "zenoss-installer" that's referenced? The manual points you back to the community home page but there's no link to the "zenoss-installer". ------------------------------ FirstName LastName CompanyName ...

  • Many thanks indeed for your input. Cheers, jane ------------------------------ Jane Curry Skills 1st United Kingdom ------------------------------

  • "If you are a Zenoss 4 (or earlier) user, please respond here" Still using it here. Tried getting it running on Ubuntu 18.04, but failed. Thank you for the work on the script though, BTW. That looks like some good stuff. Was finally able to update ...

  • I would prefer rpm/tar to understand the dependencies. ------Original Message------ Thanks Jane. Alok---I recommend installing the OVA for 6.2.1 if possible. It makes the installation a lot easier. I haven't tried installing 6.2.1 piece by piece. ...

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