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  • I'm hearing a fix is coming in RMv6.4 Chris :| ------------------------------ Shane, Australia ZenN00b ------------------------------

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    Cannot add new devices

    Hi All, I'm no longer able to add new devices. Job will fail immediately with the following traceback: -------- 2019-03-14 16:42:05,780 INFO zen.Job: Job 0e49b4ae-2c5d-4514-a62a-947c3a7c2648 (Products.ZenModel.ZDeviceLoader.CreateDeviceJob) received ...

  • Take a look at ------------------------------ Patrick McMahon Sr. Security and Compliance Specialist Zenoss ------------------------------

  • It seems there are a lot of default passwords used by services (rabbitmq, mariadb, etc).  I can't find a comprehensive list of what should be changed on a new installation or how to change those passwords without breaking everything?   Does anyone have ...

  • Hi David I have attached the /etc/cron.weekly/serviced-fstrim from Zenoss for reference. ------------------------------ Arthur ------------------------------

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