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  • Nope, but see the same behaviour in Zenoss Core 6.2.1 Firefox 68.0.1 64-bit. Need to press the Refresh button to see the events. ------------------------------ Arthur ------------------------------

  • When in the event console, setup the view you want, and then press "Configure", select "Save this configuration". Get the popup, move the link to the bookmark bar. Select the link and - nothing. The event screen comes up and it's blank, with an indication ...

  • cProp, Tags, Comments can all be used out of the box ------------------------------ jstanley ------------------------------

  • I would probably use a custom property. Cheers, Jane ------------------------------ Jane Curry Skills 1st United Kingdom ------------------------------

  • Has anyone added Application Owners into Zenoss and how by what method like custom properties or adding fields? ------------------------------ Nicholas Arellano Administrator CPS Energy San Antonio TX ------------------------------

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