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    RE: Poskey errors

    Jane, Thanks for all of your help so far. I have two follow up questions for you: 1) When deleting an object in zendmd, how do you handle a space? Here is an example of what I'm talking about:        >>> dmd.Devices.Server.Linux.Dell Servers.devices._delobject('') ...

  • Hi, We tried this also, but didn't succeed. We ended up with docker/serviced running as root. To be able to manage this (as we don't have the root password for security reasons) we had to add a lot of sudo rights for all kind of commands. Also a list ...

  • Hi!  So I'm the Andrew that Jane references in the first post.  I've continued asking around and found out that there's issues with the current releases.  Core definitely isn't dead, and without support, dropping these on the community would be at least ...

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    RE: Inverting Ping Events?

    As Chris says, you could use an event transform to drop "bad news" events but you may run into problems with spotting the "Clear" event as a clear event that doesn't match a bad news event tends to get silently dropped by zeneventserver so you would need ...

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    RE: Poskey errors

    Have a look at this wiki item -   for progressively more "agressive" ways to remove a device.  I would strongly suggest that you have a good backup long before you get to the bottom of the procedures ;) Cheers, Jane ...

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