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  • One more item to note - there are a number of linux distribution supplied services that do not have status responses, and there are also a number of services that are enabled 'by default' that can be disabled. ------------------------------ Paul Giordano ...

  • OK, I found it. The services are set to start in chkconfig, and they either return 1 (no status command supported) or some other non-zero return code (ip6tables returns a 3 - not loaded; should not chkconfig on if not used.) Fixing that way - allow rc ...

  • I figured it was something simple. Thanks Jay. ------------------------------ Paul Giordano Senior Systems Engineer Zethcon Corporation ------------------------------

  • So I just upgraded to 6.2.1 (from 6.1.2). I'm getting a "service is down" event,  Exit status: program is dead and /var/run pid file exists​ Now the program is indeed down, in some cases doesn't exist on the server - but I can't see the pid file the ...

  • Need the __init__.py in actions directory ------------------------------ jstanley ------------------------------

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