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  • I think the word I'm looking for is "D'oh!"  Thanks Matt, firewall was the problem.  Could have sworn I checked that, but I guess not.  Up and running like a champ. ------------------------------ Chris Buchleiter Solutions II ----------------------- ...

  • See if firewall is running I fought with this for awhile and finally just disabled it since it's dev for me as well right now. Finally got it installed and looking to login for the first time now. ------------------------------ Matt Brown Sky Road LLC ...

  • Have you looked at this wiki item -   ? You might also have a look at this one -   Cheers, Jane ------------------------------ ...

  • That's the closest you will get, i suspect.  You may need to adjust versions of software slightly. Cheers, Jane ------------------------------ Jane Curry Skills 1st United Kingdom ------------------------------

  • Has anyone had any luck getting Zenoss Core 6.2.1 running using the Zenoss Deployment tool at I've created a CentOS 7.6 VM with 4 CPUs and 12GB RAM.  This is for dev purposes, so supposedly I can get ...

  • P.s. We are running Zenoss Core 4.2.5. We are planning to upgrade to 6.2.1 soon, but this area appears to be the same for both versions. ------------------------------ Larry IPC Global GA ------------------------------

  • We have a custom ZenPack which utilizes components. It has several custom fields for each component. The "Windows Services" modeler plugin has several fields for each component (e.g. "Caption", "Start Mode") so it is similar to our ZenPack. We want to ...

  • Does this apple to zenoss 6.2 as well ? ------------------------------ Edward Grau Infrastructure Eng. Bridge2 Solutions Alpharetta GA 6788317849 ------------------------------

  • Can anyone point me to directions on how to get the Zenoss UI login to use AD credentials? ------------------------------ Edward Grau Infrastructure Eng. Bridge2 Solutions Alpharetta GA ------------------------------

  • I'm hearing a fix is coming in RMv6.4 Chris :| ------------------------------ Shane, Australia ZenN00b ------------------------------

  • Thanks I gave the 'include libraries in the zenpack' a go but did not quite get it working as still ran into some issues where code was pulling in the wrong version of things, mostly the stuff. Eventually rewoked the code to use a different encryption ...

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    RE: Download OVA

    Disregard !!   Thanks ------------------------------ Edward Grau Infrastructure Eng. Bridge2 Solutions Alpharetta GA 6788317849 ------------------------------

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