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  • Hi, My AWS admin has built a VM for me that is Centos 7.7.  Does anyone know if Zenoss will run stably on Centos 7.7?  I'd really rather not blow a whole lot of time attempting it if someone already can tell me it won't work. Thanks, Stuart ------------------------------ ...

  • Hi Can you post the sum output of the downloads? ------------------------------ Arthur ------------------------------

  • Trying to update to 6.3.2 from 5.1 and we are getting a error gzip: stdin: invalid compressed data--crc error gzip: stdin: invalid compressed length--crc error Error response from daemon: Untar re-exec error: exit status 1: output: unexpected ...

  • Hi Pasan, The guide I referenced is the 6.3.2 Core Installation Guide; this is a PDF available to you when you log into your community account. Look at the right-hand pane of the Community web page once logged in. You may need to scroll down to view ...

  • Hi Matta, Please send me your guide which you used to install and what was the requirements of the server? Thanks  Pasan ------------------------------ pasan jayarathna sri lanka telecom ------------------------------

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    RE: zenoss 6 Page command

    Hi Laurent, Thanks for the reply.  It's unfortunate that they removed the Page Action trigger going from zenoss 5 to zenoss 6.  So now there seems no way to pass on the configured page number in an event trigger. Regards, Jeroen ------------------------------ ...

  • Hello Jeroen,  I can only remember that I had some issues with the COMMAND notification, but I can't remember what exactly. There must be a reason why I used the Page command. I'm not sure, but I think that's the only way to pull out the user's phone ...

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    RE: zenoss 6 Page command

    Hi Laurent, Thank you for the reply !  We have been running zenoss over 10 years now to monitor our network devices. The page command under the Advanced Settings does work. I can send a test sms/page from the Advanced Settings User page and it arrives ...

  • Hello Jeroen,  Dag Jeroen,  Here is how I did it. Under Advanced -> Settings -> Settings, I filled in "Page Command" with this : "/opt/zenoss/var/ext/bin/ $RECIPIENT".  You can also see that I moved the script to DFS location, which ...

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    zenoss 6 Page command

    Hello, I moved from zenoss4 to zenoss6 and noticed the trigger notification "page" is missing.  I have a device that sends the sms messages directly connected to my zenoss server. I have already configured the page command (refering to my own script) ...

  • Best regards, Thank you very much Arthur, for his answer. This weekend I will try to install the zenoss in redhat 8, I will report my progress on Monday. Thank you ------------------------------ Hector Fabio Trujillo ...

  • Hi Fabio Here is another thread convering the same issue. ------------------------------ Arthur ------------------------------

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