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  • Hey, Rob! I did a spot of Googling and managed to find this: It specifically calls out Win2k3, but I suspect the counters haven't ...

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    Monitoring the DHCP Pool

    We exhausted a DHCP pool and had a resulting outage from it.  Has anybody written powershell to retrieve the pool to enable monitoring?  Is this even possible? Thanks in advance, -Rob ------------------------------ Robert Borowicz Zenoss Engineer ...

  • @Michael    - Can you please help here?   For me, the issue occurs every few days. Thanks much!​ ------------------------------ Sam ------------------------------

  • Never mind. I finally figured it out.  The Cisco TC MIB had issues. All is good now. ------------------------------ Sam ------------------------------

  • After fixing the TC MIB. Now I have this problem with SNMPv2-SMI  smidump -f python /opt/zenoss/share/mibs/ietf/SNMPv2-SMI /opt/zenoss/share/mibs/ietf/SNMPv2-SMI:191: range limit exceeds underlying basetype /opt/zenoss/share/mibs/ietf/SNMPv2-SMI:196: ...

  • Tried to load pre-requisites and got this /opt/zenoss/share/mibs/site/cisco$ smidump --keep-going --format python --preload /opt/zenoss/share/mibs/site/cisco/ --preload /opt/zenoss/share/mibs/site/cisco/ --preload /opt/zenoss/share/mibs/site/cisco/ ...

  • Michael, Here is the information when zenmib -v10 was run. I've been following the documentation available at - How To Administer MIB Files In Zenoss Resource Manager /opt/zenoss/share/mibs/site/cisco$ smidump --keep-going --format python --preload ...

  • Hi, Sam! Can you attach the errors/segfaults you're getting from zenmib? ------------------------------ Michael J. Rogers Senior Instructor - Zenoss Austin TX ------------------------------

  • Has anyone able to load Cisco UCS/UCSM MIBs on Zenoss successfully?  I'm getting segfaults while trying to load the MIBs. Thanks ------------------------------ Sam ------------------------------

  • Thank you very much Michael, The steps given have resolved the issue. ------------------------------ vinay p ------------------------------

  • This is the output for zenoss@% mysql> show grants; +

  • Hi Michael, This is the outpuit: mysql> show grants; +

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