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  • Is anyone there to help me on this? ------------------------------ raja ------------------------------

  • Hi, I just installed a Zenoss core 6.3.2 on a VM and wanted to add 2 additional delegate hosts. I was able to add the hosts to a pool successfully but the services do not start on the delegate hosts, If i switch the zenoss services to default pool they ...

  • Guys, I have 2 domain scenario here. one is and another one test.local domain.  The service account has been created and configured for monitoring from domain. has explicit trust with test.local.  When tried to ...

  • Hello, Problem solved. I just needed to resize disk with  resize2fs ------------------------------ Donatas ------------------------------

  • Hello, I'm using Zenoss 6.1.2 and ran out of disk space. I'm trying to increase Application Data storage with no luck. I already managed to add disk space to application data virtual device, but can't resize filesystem. When I issue command "serviced-storage ...

  • We are running Zenoss 6.2.1 (Community). Recently we started getting a lot of these messages in the zenpython service log: WARNING zen.zenpython: Discarded event - queue overflow: .....[text cut] The queue length in MetricConsumer is at 0, and the ...

  • We are running Zenoss 6.2.1 (Community). Recently we started getting a lot of these messages in the zenhub service log: CRITICAL zen.pbclientfactory: Unknown connection problem to zenhub <class 'twisted.spread.pb.PBConnectionLost'> We are getting ...

  • Any update on the above ? ------------------------------ Gobi K ------------------------------

  • Hi Hermawan You can read through this post . ------------------------------ Arthur ------------------------------

  • Hi zenoss, Google Maps API Key has been completed, but set address always wrong. ------------------------------ daniel huang network director coretel networks singapore 6586916291 ------------------------------

  • Dear zenoss, I can not add a monitor vmware and kvm virtual host,i have installed zenpack about kvm and vmware : community ZenPacks.zenoss.oVirt zenoss ...

  • Hello i am to search zenoss 5 community or zenoss 6 community for centos 7 and i didnt got zenoss 5 community or zenoss 6 community , is there any resource? i have zenoss_core-4.2.5-2108.el6-pristine-SP743.tgz and i dont know how to install that, because ...

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