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  • Marcos, `/opt/serviced/var/volumes` is where your Zenoss installation keeps all permanently stored data, including devices, events, and performance metrics. The Control Center documentation pages include a section on how to inspect storage.  Nested ...

  • Hey guys, I got an alert on my zenoss server, but i really don´t know what to do with this, should I delete data from the specific volumes, should I try to add more space to it ?  I'm clueless, I don't even know what's in there, here's 2 screenshots: ...

  • Hello, We have zenactiond creating tickets in our OTRS system using the OTRS API. This stopped working on September 30 when Lets Encrypt DST Root CA X3 expired. I ran yum update ca-certificates in the underlying OS to get the new root, but the zenactiond ...

  • Do you need to register a custom zenjob type now? I created a new job type and zenjobs drops it saying it is not registered 2021-11-24 16:29:47.065 ERROR celery.worker.consumer: worker=0/MainProcess: Received unregistered task of type ''. The ...

  • Hi Raghuveer! Windows and Linux devices can already be monitored by the Microsoft Windows and Linux Monitor ZenPacks.  I'm not sure what role Puppet would play in monitoring these device types.   Can you provide some detail on what you're looking ...

  • Hi Team, We are looking for Puppet ZenPack to monitor Windows and Linux Devices. Could anyone help us with the ZenPack. Thanks, Raghuveer ------------------------------ Raghuveer Sr. Associate ------------------------------

  • Posted in: Legacy Discussions

    Hi Team, We are Looking for a Puppet ZenPack which monitors Windows and Linux Devices. Could anyone help us the with the Zenpack. Thanks, Raghuveer ------------------------------ Raghuveer Sr. Associate ------------------------------

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    RE: serviced snapshot commit

    After restarting with the flattened image, stats from zenperfsnmp weren't being graphed.  (but stats from zenprocess were.) I tried reverting to the $ZCORE:latest-backup, but this didn't resolve my issue. I'm restoring the system from backup (hopefully ...

  • Duane, I should have included the instructions for rollback in my last post, but that looks perfect. ------------------------------ Michael J. Rogers Senior Instructor - Zenoss Austin TX ------------------------------

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    RE: serviced snapshot commit

    Thanks, Michael. I've run through this process without issue through step 9.  (I'll restart a bit later). On the off chance that this detonates in my face, I imagine the rollback would look something like this? [root@core ~]# serviced docker override ...

  • Duane, The following steps should take care of things. 0) Note - There is a restart of the Zenoss application in this process under step 10 1) First we need to find out what our Zenoss Core image is by running: [root@core ~]# ZCORE="$(docker images ...

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    RE: serviced snapshot commit

    Has anyone found a workable solution to this issue?  I'm running into the same problem on Zenoss Core 6.3.2. ------------------------------ Duane Wylie ------------------------------

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