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  • Hello everyone, I have 2 errors but I do not see how they solve them Can you help me? Thank you Amir ------------------------------ amir BEN HAMADI System engineer Thales Air Operation ------------------------------

  • "serviced template deploy XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX default Production" - that fails as well, with the same error. Also found that the user i created did not have access to docker, so i added it to the docker group, and the error of not being able to talk ...

  • hello everyone, error on my part problem solved thank you amir ------------------------------ amir BEN HAMADI System engineer Thales Air Operation ------------------------------

  • Worth mentioning that I dont find 6.1 in docker hub, only 6.2. How can I specify to use 6.2 and not 6.1? ------------------------------ Mark Nettmann Mech Warrior LSD ------------------------------

  • I too am getting this exact error. I would really like to know if anyone has resolved it yet. ------------------------------ Mark Nettmann Mech Warrior LSD ------------------------------

  • Hello all, We have an installation of Zenoss Core 6.1.0 and I am trying to configure Zenmail events so when I write an email to Zenoss SMTP's server it gets reflected as a new event. We have our corporative mail server configured to redirect all messages ...

  • The link to this ticket is (and it is public - thanks John). Cheers, Jane ------------------------------ Jane Curry Skills 1st United Kingdom ------------------------------

  • Oh I wish!!!!!!!   I've been asking for that for 2 years.  Anyone in Zenoss listening yet? That said, I think if you are wanting to look at GUI code, I would try attaching to the zope container. Cheers, Jane ------------------------------ Jane Curry ...

  • I wish I had, John!  The "definitive list" comes from reading the code!  That said, you might pull the ZenPack Developers' Guide from   .  It has some chapters that attempt to explain some of the objects, ...

  • Thanks for sharing the ticket. I updated the status so it is accessible to you. Cheers! - JB ------------------------------ John Boyle Technology Partnerships & Community Manager Zenoss Austin TX ------------- ...

  • I am wanting to take a look at the code behind the Zenoss Core Event Advanced > User Interface web page, and then, after that, wanting to search for occurrences of a specific variable. I don't know in what docker that code would reside.  Is there documentation ...

  • Hello, When creating reports, in the documentation, they refer to a "reports" schema in TALES but they give no information on what objects are in that schema. I've found that the most frustrating thing about working with TALES is that there is that the ...

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