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  • Looks like RM 6.6.0 was released a while ago.  So thought to check in again about Core 6.6 availability.  @Michael   -  Any update you could provide will be appreciated. Thanks​ ------------------------------ Sam ------------------------------

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    RE: ZenPack Submissions

    Feels like a very 90s method. I think I will pass on posting some of mine until there is a more automated method, with the ability to control updates and documentation.  :) ------------------------------ jstanley ------------------------------

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    RE: ZenPack Submissions

    Jay, I did some digging with regard to the old submission form.  It seems the primary purpose of the form was to get all the licensing ducks in a row so that a community ZenPack could be redistributed from the zenoss/Community-Zenpacks repo. Until we ...

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    ZenPack Submissions

    Hello, I was looking for a way to submit ZenPacks to the ZenPack catalog. It seems like the old URL I had no longer works and I could not find a submit method while looking at the catalog. Are community ZenPacks no longer accepted? Thanks Jay ------------------------------ ...

  • Thanks, that makes sense considering I couldn't find the actual plug-in. I'll pass it on to our security team. ------------------------------ Tyler Harbolt Admin Tigerpoly ------------------------------

  • I wish I could. Its been a while. I also followed those instructions probably before I was on that version and had upgraded. I have in my documentation that I did have to re-install some of the packages after the upgades to fix ldap. Maybe you can tweak ...

  • Hi Silvije, same problem here:  - > after easy_install Products.LDAPUserFolder or easy_install Products.LDAPMultiPlugins ->  error: zope.interface 3.6.7 is installed but zope.interface>=3.8 is required by set(['Zope']) Mark, would you please share ...

  • Stefan, Once you have devices added to their appropriate device classes, it should be easy enough to look at the templates (inherited from the device class) to determine the data point names.   Data point names will change from class to class based ...

  • Tyler, I don't think the files you found are part of WordPress itself. I did some digging and that file (along with the other .nse files in that directory) is a script used by the Nmap Scripting Engine . If that file was flagged as " Wordpress DZS ...

  • The Wordpress DZS video gallery has multiple vulnerabilities. I'm guessing this is used in some sort of monitoring templates or something. I could only find references to wordpress in things like /var/lib/docker/devicemapper/mnt/6a1485353ca2485d375d3237a477d2e6922454419c6a3feca2aeed8eaedc1870/rootfs/usr/share/nmap/scripts/http-wordpress-plugins.nse ...

  • Hi Mike, this info is very helpful, thanks. Finally I managed to pull some metric data for Windows devices - here is my main question: basically do I understand well the concept -> I need to select a specific device and then according the assigned ...

  • Stefan, It looks like you've bound several templates directly to this device?  Those templates may use different methods to gather metrics, depending on what they gather. I'll take them in order, as listed on the bottom left of your image: Device ...

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