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    RE: Latest API doc

    Hmmm. This now takes some finding!  Follow the documentation link from the main page of the forum and then go for "documentation archives".  JSON API is the bottom menu so you get to   . Cheers, Jane ------------------------------ ...

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    Latest API doc

    Anyone know the location of the API Documentation for 6.2.1? ------------------------------ Paul Giordano Senior Systems Engineer Zethcon Corporation ------------------------------

  • Can zenoss communtity edition or full edition get or apply database on phyMyAdmin, and how can zenoss detect that IP Address are attacker IP?? Note: My server can't install zenoss community, so solution for that i've created website using Laravel ...

  • Hi, We tried this also, but didn't succeed. We ended up with docker/serviced running as root. To be able to manage this (as we don't have the root password for security reasons) we had to add a lot of sudo rights for all kind of commands. Also a list ...

  • Hi!  So I'm the Andrew that Jane references in the first post.  I've continued asking around and found out that there's issues with the current releases.  Core definitely isn't dead, and without support, dropping these on the community would be at least ...

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    RE: Inverting Ping Events?

    As Chris says, you could use an event transform to drop "bad news" events but you may run into problems with spotting the "Clear" event as a clear event that doesn't match a bad news event tends to get silently dropped by zeneventserver so you would need ...

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    RE: Poskey errors

    Have a look at this wiki item -   for progressively more "agressive" ways to remove a device.  I would strongly suggest that you have a good backup long before you get to the bottom of the procedures ;) Cheers, Jane ...

  • I'll also put up my hand wanting to know the answer to this. ------------------------------ FirstName LastName CompanyName ------------------------------

  • We installed zenoss, serviced and docker with root. Is there documentation showing how to run zenoss, serviced, and docker as an LDAP account and not root? ------------------------------ Devon Solomon CompanyName ------------------------------

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    Cisco DNA integration

    Anyone who has experience of integrating events from Cisco DNA into Zenoss? Thx, ------------------------------ Chris ------------------------------

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    RE: Inverting Ping Events?

    Hi, in the default ping, I don't see a way of doing this. Only thing is drop the events via a transform in the /status/ping event class. Then, you can setup your own "ping" and inverse the status output. (in your own eventclass) ------------------------------ ...

  • I assume this was a problem with one of the mountpoints that contain the configuration. ------------------------------ Chris ------------------------------

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