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  • Also, to build off Michael's post, if you are familiar with the Zenoss RM/CZ JSON REST API, you can use that to query all the model times of your devices. There is an example script that can be found in the zenoss-RM-api repo. A nice little side benefit ...

  • Robert, With only 2x vCPUs, performance is going to be "iffy" during startup as dozens of services compete for processor time.  Once you're running, you may be able to free up some additional headroom by disabling unused collector services (i.e., if ...

  • If you captured your modeler output, you can grep for any non-INFO and non-DEBUG lines to find errors with the process.  If you see the lines "No change in configuration detected," or "Changes in configuration applied," the model should have been successful.   ...

  • Zenoss seems to have Cloud version of the product as well. Perhaps the versions 6.4 onwards are Cloud versions?  But I think there should be some update releases to the CE version as well. ------------------------------ Sam ------------------------- ...

  • Thanks Ryan. Restart fixed it... ------------------------------ krishna reddy cox ------------------------------

  • Thanks Ryan. If for some reason, that doesn't clean, is it fine to manullay delete those files as they seem to be log files from replication? see this error: 2021-05-04 16:40:01,811 ERROR [localhost,60000,1618593951858_ChoreService_1] zookeeper.ZooKeeperWatcher: ...

  • Stop then start the hbase services. That should cause it to clear up. ------------------------------ Ryan Matte ------------------------------

  • Hi Ryan, I see similar issue on 6.2.3 and in hbase-master folder i see oldWAls to be around 333GB. How to get rid of that cleanly? Below is data i see 3.3G archive 4.0K corrupt 221G data 4.0K 4.0K hbase.version 4.0K MasterProcWALs 333G oldWALs ...

  • My instance now says there is a version 6.6.0 available. Is there a way to request these versions? Is Zenoss even open source anymore? They like to develop new versions but never actually open source them... ------------------------------ Mark Johnston ...

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    Bare bones lab build

    I'm coming back to Zenoss as admin and want to build a Community Edition from scratch on a minimally provisioned ESX 6.5 server with only 16 Gig of RAM total. The Zenoss Master ISO is installed with NOTHING else on the ESX and NOTHING added to the master. ...

  • How does Zenoss monitor Oracle ASM storage is there any zenpack that will do this? ------------------------------ Nicholas Arellano Administrator CPS Energy San Antonio TX ------------------------------

  • Hi, Is there any command/script to find out devices that are not modelled? Thanks & Regards, Amal ------------------------------ AMAL JOSE MELBOURNE VIC ------------------------------

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