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    Zenoss refuses to connect

    Good afternoon, all! I have (HAD) a Zenoss 5 installation running. I haven't checked on it for a couple of months, and when I needed to get some information found that Zenoss refuses to connect to either the main console or to the Control Center. I can ...

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    Hi I try to unplug a rj45 cabel in the switch. Some test interface port GigabitEthernet0/1 and GigabitEthernet0/6. See the trap information further down.   Then I agree with you how to name or how to know which interface is important. Can i give them ...

  • Posted in: Legacy Discussions

    So I am guessing the events you are interested in are all those /Unknown traps in the top half of your screenshot?  We need to find a way to decide which ones are important.  Again, I am guessing that the different traps are from different types of Cisco ...

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    I have uploaded i picture.  ------------------------------ Stig ------------------------------

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    Hi Is diffrent what i need on alla switches. Some interface like cisco trunks and links to diffrent switches in other house i must now upp/and down. I always have 2 ways from my core switch to all other switches. But I have to know that a link has ...

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    Hi I have not solved this. I have enable this commando on a test switch. Logging (zenoss server) snmp-server host version 2c public logging trap debugging snmp-server community public No i have many snmp traps in zenoss. ...

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    So are the alarms that you want interface up/down events or are they threshold events when a performance target is exceeded?  What are the actual events, ie eventClasses that you are getting?  I am guessing that some of these events are low priority but ...

  • Posted in: Legacy Discussions

    Hey, have you solved your problem? I have same question about my Huawei S3300 , can you help me that?

  • How some of these bugs make it through to GA makes me question testing methodologies.  Even if GA needs to go out, I'm shocked they aren't found and listed as known issues in the release notes.  But hey, I'm a sysadm not a developer I guess.  I was thinking ...

  • Hi, Thanks for the answer. I've tried some of this, but have not quite got it to work yet... I've successfully added the permission via the __init__ file to assign the ZEN_CHANGE_DEVICE_PRODSTATE  permission to the zen operator role: self.addPermissions(zport, ...

  • Good day. How I can reset dashboard to deault? The configuration buttons disappeared after the portlet HTML with iframe was added. ------------------------------ Pavel Poznyakov Gazinformservice ------------------------------

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    SMTP test error

    Hi, I get an error while trying to send a test ​​mail or while resetting an users password. Snapshot attached ------------------------------ Vimal Koshy IT Engineer dans ------------------------------

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