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  • Ok I think I figured it out... its using PAM so basically linux logins are being used (by default users in the wheel group)... ------------------------------ John Reed DevOps Engineer Bluescape CA ------------------------------

  • Hello, This is my first time installing a newer version of Zenoss that runs on Control Center. I just got control center installed and verified the services are up and running. When hit the server in my browser on port 443, I get the Control Center login ...

  • Hi, I've not raised a jira ticket but i can do, is it this one i raise it on and just create a defect on the Zenoss platform? I recently create a new build of zenoss but only installed SUP 671 and the production ...

  • I was running this script at the end of last week aswell and had trouble with the rpmforge bit. specifically, the attempt to disable_repo() rmpforge failed as rpmforge was not present and the script bails out. I 'solved' it by manually downloading rpmforge ...

  • Looks like the url in the script doesn't work. Is there any new version of the script which has a working url for the "rpmforge" ? Thanks ------------------------------ Sam Urai ------------------------------

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    Zenoss 4.2.5 EOS/EOL

    Hello, Does any know the Zenoss 4.2.5 EOS/EOL information?   Also I'm looking for a link to get the SUP releases with notes. Thanks much! ------------------------------ Sam Urai ------------------------------

  • Sounds like you have found a real issue. Have you logged a JIRA ticket for this? Cheers, Jane ------------------------------ Jane Curry Skills 1st United Kingdom ------------------------------

  • Thank-you, I had planned to do exactly this. In my case it's for a dev/test environment and I plan to run it from Vagrant, on GCE. I hope to play with it soon, I think you've just saved me a lot of work. ------------------------------ Craig Massey Dimension ...

  • I've taken a look at things in zendmd and this seems to only confirm the behaviour is not working on my zenoss with 732 installed I can see in zendmd that the production state is set to -1 (Decommisioned) and yet i'm still getting events raised on my ...

  • We are trying to move from 5.3.2 to 6.1.2 . Most of what we have tried so far appears to be working. One thing that is not working is in the Zenoss Core event console. We have the advanced user interface checkbox clicked to enable hyperlinks. But we are ...

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    Zenoss deployment tool

    Hello, I would like to introduce a zenoss deployment tool which can perform fully automated installation, please see I would appreciate a feedback. Regards, Serge.

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  • Hello, We are hitting a wall getting our vSphere monitoring to model. Specifically, I believe the issue may be around these parameters.   Does anyone have some experience? zVSphereEndpointHost – where should this actually point? 'Hostname or IP used ...

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